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What to Bring to your Tax Consultation

Personal Information

  • Your (and your spouse’s) Social Security Card and State issued ID

  • Dependent(s) Social Security card and D.O.B

  • Copy of last year’s tax return

  • IRS Notice 1444-C (stimulus payment information if available)

  • Form 1095-A ( Insurance through the Marketplace)

  • IRS Letter 6419 (advance child tax credit)


  • W-2 Forms

  • 1099-NEC  Independent contractor work                 

  • 1099-G Unemployment or state/local tax refunds

  • 1099-R Retirement plan distributions

  • 1099-C Cancellation of debt

  • 1099-S Sale of property

  • 1099-INT  Interest Income

  • 1099-DIV Dividend Income

  • 1099-B Sale of stocks or cryptocurrency

  • SSA-1099 Social Security Benefits

  • Alimony received (also need payer’s name and SSN)

  • Schedule K-1

  • Miscellaneous income  Jury Duty, Gambling, etc…


  • 1098-E Student loan interest paid

  • 1098-T Student tuition paid

  • Teacher’s out of pocket receipts for classroom supplies

  • IRA contributions

  • Energy home improvement receipts

  • Alimony paid (also need payee’s name and SSN)

  • Childcare Expenses

  • Charitable contribution receipts

  • Itemized deductions if the sum is over the standard deduction

           Standard deductions 

           Single or married filing separate $12,550 

           Married filing jointly or qualifying widow(er) $25,100

           Head of Household $18,800

  • Medical and Dental expense records including mileage

  • Sales Tax on large purchases (automobile, RV, boat, etc..)

  • Real estate taxes

  • Form 1098 Mortgage interest

  • Cash charitable contribution receipt

  • Non-cash charitable contribution receipts

Checklists for your Individual Needs

Business Tax






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